Jon Rubin

Jon Rubin is a political professional, documentarian and world traveler with more than 30 years experience in the public relations, political and legislative process. He has worked in 3 Presidential campaigns and many state and local campaigns. As a public relations consultant Jon has represented public and private sector clients that include municipalities, transportation agencies, hospitality and retail groups, energy and development corporations.

His work covers many areas with a focus on legislative strategy, press outreach and community relations.

As a writer and designer, Jon is responsible for award winning public relations and advertising campaigns for local, state and national clients, ranging from the San Mateo County Community College District to Radisson Hotels and Costco.

Jon served as Political Director of the California Democratic Party, from 1978-1980, where he oversaw all aspects of press, political outreach and campaign coordination.

From 1988 to 1991 Jon served as Chief of Staff for State Senator Quentin Kopp, Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.

In 1992 Jon was appointed to the Joint Powers Board for CaITrain, the tri-county governing body for the San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara County railway system.

In 1995, Jon was appointed to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as the Mayor of San Francisco's representative. In 1997 Jon was appointed to the Bay Bridge Design Task Force. He also serves on the Trans Bay Terminal Design Panel, the Bay Area Tolling Authority and the Trans Bay Crossing Study Committee.

In Feb. 2005 Jon was elected chairman of MTC and BATA for a two year term and in Jan. 2006, he became chairman of the Joint Policy Committee for regional governance -made up of MTC, The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and The Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

In 2004, Jon became President/CEO of The Peninsula Coalition, a non profit corporation made up of Business, labor and community leaders working together to focus on sustainable growth, intelligent transit solutions and balanced community development. (

In 1996, Jon was awarded the Silver spike Award for contributions to Public transit.

Jon is a recipient of "POLLIE" awards (the American Association of Political Consultants' Oscar) for best in the nation in local mail and non-mail public information campaigns and The Crystal Award of Excellence from the Communicator Awards International Design Competition. Most recently he was honored by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations with a Silver Medallion award for video creation and production.

Jon is also a video documentarian having produced documentary histories of various hi tech pioneers, labor and business groups, and serving as the documentary producer for the San Mateo County Historical Association Museum. At present Jon is producing a full length documentary history of San Mateo County, commissioned by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.

As an international traveler and tour leader, Jon has led groups of political and journalistic professionals on trips to Italy, The UK, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, Germany, Turkey and in 2006, Japan. Theses trips have focused on meetings with domestic politicians, diplomats and journalists in an effort to better understand our world and Americas' place in it.

Alan F. Unger

Alan Unger has over 30 years of experience working with public and private sector organizations - both domestic and international - managing projects and providing strategic planning and guidance in the areas of public policy, marketing and communications. He has worked with a number of public affairs and governmental organizations including the Canadian Foreign Ministry’s San Francisco Consulate, as a political-economic officer, as well as heading up media, cultural and academic relations activities for six western states. He directed internationally recognized public education and information, privatization, and community relations programs in the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia for international organizations. Together with his wife Ruby Unger, he established Unger Educational Media that has produced eight award-winning educational films over the past fifteen years.

Alan has worked and traveled extensively throughout North America and internationally, including a number of projects and Presidential campaigns as a communications director, organizer, and project director. In addition to attending school abroad and working as a tour guide, he has spent year designing special tours and missions for governmental and elected officials.

Currently, he is the president of the San Francisco International Program, a professional exchange and training organization, and is working with and international foundation that is establishing public management and education programs in Eastern Europe. Alan is a visiting scholar at U.C. Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and a volunteer and board member of the Redwoods Retirement Community. Alan lives in Mill Valley, California, and serves on that county’s senior advisory committee.

Diane Kefauver

Diane Kefauver has spent over twenty years working in the political process. As development director for The Calif. Democratic Party from 1978-1982 she coordinated fundraising and oversaw event coordination in California for state and national candidates. As a private consultant she oversaw fundraising and development strategy for a number of state and federal candidates as well as The Democratic National Committee and The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In 1984, Diane served as special assistant to Nancy Pelosi who coordinated The Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. Since that time, Diane has continued to serve as a special assistant to Ms. Pelosi, serving in her Congressional Campaign and joining her Congressional staff thereafter. Diane continues to serve as a special assistant to Congresswoman Pelosi, who will become Speaker of The United States House of Representatives in January 2007.

Judah Rosenwald

Judah Bob Rosenwald is currently CFO and Assistant Dean for Financial and Administrative Services, Global Initiatives, and Business Development at UC Berkeley Extension and serves as a consultant on budget and resource management issues for UC Berkeley and other continuing education programs. In 2005, he additionally served as Interim Director of Summer Sessions for UC Berkeley. Prior to his tenure at UC Berkeley Extension, Rosenwald spent twenty-seven years in fiscal management, business operations, and program development at San Francisco State University where he served as Chief Financial Officer; Executive Director of the SFSU Foundation; Director of Fiscal and Computing Services; Manager of Administrative and Fiscal Service; Marketing Consultant; and Operations Manager. At UCEA, he is currently serving on the Board of Directors, as Vice Chair of the Leadership and Management Commission, Chair of the Financial and Risk Management CoP, and as a member of Global Associates. He holds a B.A. from University of Texas (hence, the "Bob") and an M.B.A. from San Francisco State University.

Marty F. Nolan

Martin F.Nolan graduated from Boston College and became a reporter for The Boston Globe in 1961. While with the Globe's Washington bureau, he was on the investigative team cited in the Globe's 1966 Pulitzer Prize for meritorious and disinterested public service. He covered Congress, the White House and every presidential campaign since 1968. Nolan was named Washington bureau chief in 1969. His writing earned him a spot on the master list of Nixon political opponents. While in Washington he was a regular participant on such national news shows as Meet the Press.

In 1981, he became editor of the Globe's editorial page. In 1991, he resumed reporting and in 1995 moved to San Francisco to cover California and the West. In 2001, he retired from the Globe.

Nolan has since written for the California Journal, The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has been a fellow at Duke University, the Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.

Ramu Nagappan, Ph.D.

Ramu Nagappan, Ph.D., is the Director of the Department of Humanities and Education at UC Berkeley Extension. He was previously a program director in the School of Medicine at UC San Francisco. He earned his doctorate in English at UC Berkeley and his bachelor’s degree from Princeton.

Tony J. Fazio

Tony Fazio, a strategic communication specialist for more than 25 years, is President and founder of Winning Directions – the nation’s leading Democratic political direct mail firm. Tony has produced hundreds of winning direct mail programs for political candidates, labor organizations and campaigns all across America.

  • Candidates
  • Initiative & referendum campaigns
  • Labor member-to-member communication programs
  • Democratic Party organizations
  • Independent expenditure campaigns
  • Grassroots groups
  • Public relations agencies
  • Public affairs companies

Winning Directions has been nationally recognized for its creativity and winning track record, receiving more than 100 Pollie Awards in recent years – including 22 Pollie Awards for the firm’s work on behalf of clients in 2004. For two years in a row, Winning Directions has received more awards in the Direct Mail category than any other competing direct mail firm.

Tony’s commitment to issues that affect working Americans is rooted in his younger days as a grocery clerk in a union-organized supermarket in Providence, Rhode Island. After moving to the Bay Area in 1968, Tony worked on the docks as a longshoreman in Oakland, organized community groups with ACORN and Citizens Action League in California, worked as a public employee union organizer, and was the COPE director for the San Francisco Labor Council. Tony started his first national direct mail company in 1981 and founded Winning Directions in 1989. He has also volunteered his time and held numerous positions with statewide and local community groups in California.

Tony, a longtime member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), joined the organization’s Board of Directors in 1992 and is currently the President-Elect of the organization. He is in demand as a speaker and trainer for many national political organizations, guiding clients through the intricacies of targeting, messaging and campaign strategy. He also co-authored the book “Winning Direct Mail,” a step-by-step guide for producing political direct mail.

American University is honoring Tony by hosting the Anthony J. Fazio Political Direct Mail Archive, which will house more than 10,000 of his individual pieces of mail, plus collections donated by America’s leading direct mail creative minds from both parties.

Tony has a passion for cutting-edge technology and how best to apply it to political campaigning. He has developed his own proprietary system he calls Winning Edge Targeting that he uses to keep his clients up to date on the latest micro-targeting technologies.

Tony believes his greatest achievements in life are not just political, however. He says it is just as important to be a good husband and a loving father. His wife, Marie, and his children, Amy, Joey and Becky, all agree.

Sherri Ferris

Sherri Ferris is a recognized protocol and international relations expert. She was Deputy Chief of Protocol for The City and County of San Francisco from 1992 to 1997. For ten years she was the lead VIP Hostess for The Walt Disney Company.

Ms. Ferris has received “The German American Friendship Award” from the Federal Republic of Germany, the “Award of Merit” from The Korean American Association” and “The Key to The City of San Francisco.” In Addition to frequent guest appearances on television and radio programs, Sherri has been featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal Online, Meeting Professionals International Magazine, The Nob Hill Gazette and The Contra Costa Times.

Roger Thomas

Roger was educated in the UK where he graduated with a degree in Turkish languages. During his more than thirty years with the British diplomatic Corps., Rogers’ postings ranged from Germany, Turkey and Egypt to Central Asia and San Francisco. Having served with nuclear weapons inspections teams in Iraq, as British Ambassador to Azerbaijan and in various other capacities throughout central Asia, Roger is extremely knowledgeable about the political dynamics of that critical part of the world. Roger ended his official career as British Consul General to San Francisco. Roger now resides in London and serves as a consultant to a number of international companies.