Mission Statement

The International Travel Forum is a recently formed organization designed to bring political professionals, Journalists and academics with an interest in world affairs, culture and history together with their counterparts throughout the world

Our participants are seasoned travelers and serious observers who bring their collective experience to bear on studying domestic and foreign politics, history and culture. It is our purpose, to gain some real insight into the way the world actually works.

We have traveled regularly, under various auspices. We have participated in, or coordinated trips to Italy, Germany, The UK, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Turkey and in 2006, Japan. We have held meetings with the Vatican Dept. of State, The British Foreign Office, the four parties at odds in Northern Ireland and members of parliament in every country we have visited. Our trips have included extensive meetings with local and international press, domestic and international policy makers, universities, historically and culturally based institutes and foundations and in country members of the US diplomatic corps.

Our travelers are expected to do some reading on the country in question before our visits and we generally suggest a syllabus. We seek informed, frank conversations with all parties and our intent is to listen and learn rather than engage in disputation.

We would like to bring some sophistication, open minds and a real curiosity to the places we visit. It is our hope, that a better understanding of our neighbors in the world, their history, culture, politics, regional and international relations will help us, in whatever small way to bring a positive message to our colleagues and friends here, in the US.

It is the goal of The International Travel Forum to provide our travelers with a better understanding of our world and of our place in it.